Dress Codes for Kids

Modesty is an essential feature of our faith and an important element of the learning environment; therefore, we want to remind students and parents of the expected Dress Code. This ensures that everyone has the same information and is held to the same standard.
  1. Students are expected to dress according to Islamic guidelines of personal modesty. Generally, this means that clothes are loose fitting and not revealing.
  2. Also, clothes containing slogans or messages that are obscene or offensive should not be worn.
  3. Dress Code applies to everyday - including arrival and departure from the school. It also applies to ALL school events: Eid Celebration, Teacher Appreciation, etc.
  4. While the Dress Code is meant for all students, it is particularly important for students in grades 6 and up.
  1. Full Length Dresses, or skirts with full length sleeves.
  2. Loose, full-length pants;
  3. Hijab to cover hair
  4. Nice to have Abaya or niqab
  1. Loose full length pants. (Please avoid sagging pants that show the undergarments.
  2. Shirts shouldn’t contain pictures and/or offensive slogans.
  3. No shorts (of any length)